Acupuncture for Sacral Pain:

“There aren’t enough stars in the sky for me to rate him accurately. I was in a car accident 5 years ago and spent countless hours in therapy, alternative healing, and on and on. I came to him a few months ago with chronic pain that had come on from the accident and nothing I did or take helped. Namely sacral/pelvic area pain and migraines. After just a few months, I haven’t had sacral pain in a few weeks and rarely get a migraine now when it had become an almost daily occurrence. He is not the first acupuncturist I’ve worked with. I’ve received acupuncture from several other practitioners and not one could help me the way he does. He has given me my life back. I am able to wear cute shoes again, dance for more than a few minutes and NO PAIN! I can go a week or longer with no headaches at all! Not to mention, Benjamin is a gentle, kind, sweet, humble man.”

– Velina L. (Martinez)


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