Acupuncture for Knee Pain:

“I’m writing this review as both a patient of Benjamin’s and as a fellow practitioner. I’ve known Benjamin for many years as a leader in the field, when he was the head of California’s acupuncture association. Over the years since first meeting him, I’d had many casual Benjamin sightings, and always found him kind, gracious, and was quite impressed he even remembered my name each time!

This past year, I had the opportunity to get to know Ben much better when he moved his practice closer to mine in Lafayette. At one point, I bumped into him casually during a time when I was having chronic residual knee pain after a marathon I’d run. Being a practitioner myself, I thought I could treat it, but nothing I had done worked. Ben offered to treat it, and in one treatment he accomplished what I was unable to do over several months. That was 5 months ago, and I haven’t had any pain since.

After that experience, I was so impressed that I began sending my patients…to him. I’d recommend Benjamin for any kind of ailment, but especially those stubborn issues that have not responded to other treatment. Every patient I’ve sent his way has thanked me for doing so, and I now not only send recommend him when I’m not getting the job done, but he’s also the go-to guy for my patients whenever I am out of the office.

I hate writing reviews, and usually only do so when I’m not happy. But Benjamin warrants 5 stars. He’s the doctor’s doctor, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– Jason L. (Oakland)


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