Acupuncture for Insomnia:

“I’ve struggled with crippling chronic insomnia for more than 2 decades. Out of desperation I began taking prescription sleeping pills and anything else purported to alleviate insomnia for most of those years, but nothing worked well and although I would sleep a couple to a few hours a night, I always felt kind of ill, anxious and doomed, not to mention brain dead! It has been horrible to say the least. So I went to see Ben for help with balancing my nervous system, insomnia, anxiety (which was due to insomnia) as well as chest and neck pain. I was hoping of course I would get well but wasn’t sure it would work… BUT IT DID!!!

I’m almost afraid to say this because I don’t want to jinx my progress but I’ve been sleeping 61/2, 7 hrs nightly and even 8 hrs a couple times. I literally feel like I’m human again, with energy and hope for a better future and a longer life. Ben is so kind, gentle and wonderful with Acupuncture I can honestly say his service to me has been a blessed gift. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that my other physical complaints have also been resolved.”

– Colette B. (Castro Valley)


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