Acupuncture for Anxiety:

“First off, he is quick minded, gentle in nature, and an open person. He also knows his stuff and is good at explaining the relationships between symptoms, ailments, diet, and treatment. As a bonus, his price is super reasonable.

I was debating between 4 stars or 5…this morning was my first visit with Benjamin so I thought I should go a few times before deciding on 5; however, I walked in with a stuffy head, substantial lower back pain, exhausted from chronic insomnia, depressed, the beginnings of a Rosacea flare up, and anxious: by the time I got home I was significantly better- SIGNIFICANTLY.

After we talked about all my issues -physical, spiritual, and emotional- he inserted needles and my stomach started gurgling (I think that’s a good thing) and within a couple minutes I felt lighter emotionally and started smiling and most of my anxiety just lifted away. Midway through the treatment my face get hot and I a sudden acute headache, both of which were gone by the time I got home.

I got home and immediately took the pills he recommended -which I purchased from him- as well as choked down the supplements he suggested which we have laying around but I never take (fish oil and other stinky, gag inducing, horse sized vitamins).

As I sit here, I feel 75% better than when I woke up and am amazed that not only did I feel better in the instant, he instilled a sense of hope in me of getting better which motivated me to be proactive (e.g. Fish oil and horse pills).

Finally, when my husband saw me in the afternoon, he asked why I was in such a good mood and commented that my skin looked better. He, an avid non-believer in most things holistic, said he would like to make an appointment for himself and see if it helped him.

I’ll be back to him and even though I’ve only had one visit, definitely recommend people give him a try.”

– Michelle B. (Lafayette)


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