Acupuncture for Chronic Illness:

Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine treats a wide variety of chronic illness, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, Lupus, and HIV. While not a cure for MS, Lupus, or HIV, acupuncture goes a long way towards treating various symptoms that may manifest, slowing down the progress of the disease, and helping our immune systems better function.

If you’d like more details, you’re welcome to email or call (925) 297-4785 to discuss how Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine can help you.

Most likely you will find that acupuncture for chronic illness benefits you beyond the treatment of your symptoms. It also addresses the root causes of imbalance in your body, and often benefits people on emotional and energetic levels as well. After your acupuncture treatment you may feel calmer, and more focused as your body resets itself and moves towards balance. For more information, check out Common Questions about Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

While acupuncture is a subtle and powerful form of medicine, generally speaking, one session of acupuncture is usually not enough. I usually recommend a series of 3-6 sessions for a treatment plan, depending on your condition, after which you should be experiencing significant improvement. If not, we would have a discussion about other possible treatment referrals.

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