What is Eastern Medicine?:

Eastern Medicine has roots in China that go back 2000-3000 years. It is based on the philosophy of Daoism (aka Taoism), which views health, life and the universe through the interaction of Yin and Yang energies (hot/cold, expanding/contracting, active/still, diffuse/dense). In this paradigm, health is defined by the appropriate balance of these phenomena within and with the universe, which is in a state of constant change.

Eastern Medicine is a system of medicine that helps your body find balance with change without resorting to harsh/dangerous drugs or surgery. Using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and other methods, it is a safe, gentle, and subtle but powerful force for ‘positive’ or ‘balanced’ change.

As a practitioner of Eastern Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist, my intention is to apply the principles and practices of Eastern Medicine to help you regain balance, heal yourself, and, as needed, find deeper meanings to what health and wellness are for you.