What is acupuncture?:

Acupuncture is one the primary treatment methods of Eastern Medicine. It uses the gentle, shallow insertion of very thin stainless steel needles into specific spots on your body called acupuncture points to stimulate and reinforce various healing processes in the body.

If you feel anything, it’s usually no more than a light pricking sensation upon insertion that disappears right away‚ but everyone is different and this varies from person to person. Keep in mind that these thin solid needles are very different from the much larger hollow tubes used in hypodermic needles that can hurt a lot (versus the very light prick of an acupuncture needle).

After insertion you may feel the movement of Qi energy in the form of a tingly, warm, cool, or electric sensation – this is a good thing! The next thing you should feel is a sense of relaxation as naturally occurring endorphins and opiates in your body get released and shift your body from the sympathetic overdrive reality of ‘fight or flight’ to the parasympathetic reality of ‘relax, heal, digest, and sleep’. This sets the stage for healing to begin!