What is a Chinese herbal formula?:

As part of your Acupuncture & Eastern medical treatment, I may prescribe a Chinese herbal formula for you to take, usually as tablets or capsules.

Chinese herbal medicine is a highly refined system of natural medicine that uses plant, animal, and mineral products to harmonize organ systems and gently adjust your body’s physiology back into balance. This complements the acupuncture that you may also be receiving.

A Chinese herbal formula usually has anywhere from 5 to 20 herbs in it. Each herb in the formula has on the average about 3-5 active chemical substances that affect change in the body. So if a formula has 15 herbs in it, we’re looking at 45-75 active chemicals affecting change. Because the actual dosage of each particular chemical in a traditional Chinese formula is so low, this makes the chance of side effects also very low, and very safe.

In contrast, a Western medicine drug is composed of a single pure chemical, and this greatly increases the risk of side effects. A useful analogy contrasts how a sledgehammer creates change versus many small levers. While pharmaceutical drugs have their uses, depending on your condition, it is often prudent to try herbal formulas first.

The herbal formula I give you will most likely be in tablet or capsule form. If your case is complex and requires a custom formula, I would write you a prescription. You would either pick up directly from an herbal dispensary or get it drop shipped. There is an additional cost for herbal formulas, which usually run $20-30/week.