What do Organic Acids Tests measure?:

Over the course of a night, our urine collects over 1,000 unique organic acids that result from chemical reactions happening throughout our body. When we compare levels of these organic acids to those seen in healthy populations, we can identify unhealthy patterns of data manifesting from an unbalanced biochemical physiology.

Organix Comprehensive Profile (Genova Diagnostics – $395)
This test picks 46 of these organic acids from a sample of frozen urine to assess a wide range of body systems, providing us with a detailed overview of our health status. These include markers related to:

• Neurotransmitter metabolites and brain health

• Mitochondrial energy production

• Liver Phase I & Phase II detoxification capacity

• Oxidative damage and antioxidant need

• Methylation sufficiency

• Vitamin and mineral status

• Amino acid insufficiencies such as Carnitine and N-Acetyl-Cysteine

• Lipoic acid and CoQ10 status

• Bacterial and yeast overgrowth

It’s an ideal test for patients who may suffer from:

• Weight issues

• Sleep abnormalities

• Depression

• Chemical sensitivities

This is a complex test that offers lots of insight into how well your body’s systems are functioning. Researchers are still discovering new ways of interpreting the data it provides. If you were to do one test a year to track how your body’s systems are doing, this would be the one, as we can compare it to previous years to see how our physiology is trending.

Most importantly, the patterns identified in the Organix Comprehensive offer a clear roadmap of dietary, lifestyle, and supplement protocols that will lead you back to balance and health.

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