What do labs used for Digestive Stool Analysis measure?:

These tests cover a variety of factors that influence digestive and overall  gastrointestinal health. The gut lining is one of the first things to go when exposed to chronic stress, as the body cannibalizes it as an easy source of amino acids. This lowers gut immunity and leads to the buildup of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, which in turn further compromises gut integrity.

Eventually the intestines become permeable, and this allows for small pieces of protein to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This raises inflammation levels throughout the body and causes a variety of autoimmune reactions and unpleasant symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, depression, muscle pains, and achy joints.

GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile (Genova Diagnostics – $415, + H.Pylori add-on $30),
This is the stool test of choice for optimizing gut health. Since 80% of our immune system lies in the gut, this test provides insights that help guide dietary and clinical interventions to optimize immune health. It measures markers related to digestion and absorption, gut immune health, inflammation, the microbiome, and identifies possible parasites and bacterial pathogens.

H. pylori add-on (+$30)
Helicobacter pylori is an opportunistic pathogen that often shows up in times of stress, can cause a variety of unrelated symptoms (besides ulcers), is easily treatable, and we often recommend getting checked for it.

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