Is acupuncture safe?:

Yes, in the hands of a licensed and skilled practitioner acupuncture is very safe.

Occasionally (1 out of 20 times or so) there may be a drop of blood when I take a needle out. If this happens, I immediately wipe with a sterile cotton ball. Acupuncture needles are so thin you won’t be able to see where the needle was located. Very rarely there may be a bruise caused by an acupuncture needle.

The most dangerous events, pneumothorax or organ puncture, almost never happen with a licensed professional. Infection is non-existent – I only use sterile disposable needles in my acupuncture practice.

Before I treat you with acupuncture you’ll need to read and sign an Informed Consent Form. This form describes all the very rare things that can go wrong with acupuncture, so read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions. By signing this form, you give me permission to give you an acupuncture treatment.

Perhaps the most convincing fact that describes why acupuncture is safe – our malpractice rates are extremely low compared to other health professions – about $700/year!