How does a Functional Medicine treatment process work?:

A program of treatment in Functional Medicine usually proceeds in the following manner:

Initial Visit
You’ll first fill out a detailed Intake Form that we’ll review together at the first visit, via telemedicine or telephone. We will also ask more specific questions about your health history to help connect the dots of your health puzzle. During the visit you’ll receive dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and, based on your particular situation, possibly supplements. At the end of the session we’ll order 1-3 labs that will be shipped directly to you.

Functional Medicine Labs
These lab tests can be performed at home and usually involve the collection of saliva, urine, or stool samples that are appropriately packaged and shipped via UPS or FEDEX. The results take 2-4 weeks to arrive, during which time you should usually be experiencing positive changes from the lifestyle adjustments you’ve already been implementing.

Follow-up Visits
With the arrival of lab results, we will schedule time to discuss your labs, lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements. We’ll send you a summary of the recommendations that we discussed, a supplement protocol that outlines your course of treatment for the next 6 to 12 months, and a supplement prescription from our online dispensary.

We will also schedule periodic Follow-up Visits (usually every month of two) to discuss progress on health issues, lifestyle changes, and supplements.