About Benjamin Dierauf, LAc – Acupuncturist in Lafayette:

As an Acupuncturist in Lafayette with 25+ years or experience, I can help you with the treatment of aches and pains, injuries, digestive disorders, gynecological issues, allergies, immune deficiencies, fatigue, sleep disorders and stress, and many other conditions. For information on conditions I work with, check out ‘Illnesses/Health Imbalances Treated’.

After completing the Initial Intake Form, your first visit includes a detailed review of the issues affecting your health and quality of life. From this we will work out a comprehensive treatment plan together. Besides acupuncture, I may prescribe herbal medicine and supplements, and use other modalities to help you, including bodywork, moxa, suction cups and guasha (dermal scraping). For more info, check out ‘Common Acupuncture Questions‘.

As a former Professor and Academic Dean of the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, and a practitioner of Functional Medicine, I have a unique perspective on the strengths and benefits of this ancient medicine, its integration with modern medicine, and how it can benefit you.

More recently I’ve been studying Functional Medicine with the Kalish Institute and other educational resources. This is like holistic western medicine, whereby innovative lab tests that test hormone levels, organic acid markers, and digestive function & dysbiosis are used to assess the status of your body’s systems. I find that this nicely complements the treatment of acupuncture in helping patients get better more quickly.